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This July at Music Room

Tales from the ocean

We will travel in search of the most incredible stories that will transport us to the depths of the oceans, where mermaids and incredible creatures dance and sing together and the ocean becomes a great stage!

Stay tuned to see the full program..

July 3-7

With Ana Baião

"When I'm with children, we have a lot of fun exploring, playing and learning something new together."

With the background of being a psychomotor therapist the kids will be guided through musical exercises improving their motor and cognitive skills but also to connect with themselves through and with music.

Music itself is passion, also for me as well as dancing, being creative, being around nature and children. With 10 years of working with children, I could accumulate already a lot of experience how to help them expressing themselves in a musical context.

Come and let's enjoy great moments together. Let's see how stories can be told with music and how music can bring us together.

1 day 32 eu
2 days 60 eu
3 days 88 eu
4 days 112 eu
5 days 130 eu
(23% tax is not included)

To participate send us an email to

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