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We would like to support part of the tuition for young musicians who don't have the possibility and means to join otherwise.


One of Music Room’s main goals from the very beginning has been to make music within reach and available to everyone!

 You are welcome to participate with your donation.

How does it work?

From September 2022 Music Room will offer some places with a lower monthly fee, if you would like to donate to help this cause or apply to one of this place, please fill up this form 

We will get back to you very soon!

Thank you! :)

First steps of our foundation 🎶


October 2023

We are very happy and proud to welcome the ALO kids to our guitar classes, Hernan, will be in charge of these classes that everyone is already enjoying!

If you want to know more about this incredible project check the link above.

November 2022

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Laurine, a German psychology student who is doing her internship at the CPR in Portugal. She asked me if I would be interested and could collaborate in some way with the center where she was doing her internship. Not knowing yet how I could collaborate, I jumped at this great idea❤️

The CPR is a center that has been hosting refugees for more than 30 years with different locations in Lisbon, providing help in different ways and fields, please read more about the


This is how we started this conversation and as the weeks went by we were able to quickly organize a singing class at Music Room, which was led by one of our singing teachers Laura Osorio, the idea was to have a good time and to be able to engage them in this class with the tools they already had, their voices. Only 6 people were able to come, since the center is out of town and to come to Music Room they used part of their budget, which is already limited. This being the first time, we understood that next time we must do a better effort and go to the center ourselves, since there are many more people there who would like to participate.

The experience itself was very rich, not only we had a time of relaxation and laughter but we could also enjoy the music in group and work together, then we could exchange stories and experiences....

The situation they are in, is already complicated in itself, we all can help if we have the resources, no matter how small they might be. Activities like these or others, help a lot to integrate, and to meet people from other areas. We can all put ourselves in their place, and feel what it must be like to leave everything behind, and not by choice. 

We can all do something!💪🏻❤️

If you want to collaborate in any way, please contact catarina.martins@ ( social and integration department)at the CPR.
The general email is

Let’s not stop sharing, let’s inspire others!🙌🎶

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