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“What happens if I need to cancel an individual class?

What about a group class?”

At Music Room we make sure that we can meet the needs and preferred schedules of both students and teachers, so 24 hours notice is required for any changes to be made.

You are able to miss up to 4 classes during the school year either due to health or personal reasons, unfortunately if we do not receive 24 hours notice the class will be forfeited.

Group classes cannot be rescheduled.




We will make our best effort to reschedule the missing class during the month, if you can't make it, the last Saturday of the month will be available as the last option.


“When do we have holidays at Music Room?”

Although we would love to be able to follow all school holidays, at Music Room we have two fixed holidays within the 2024-2025 school year calendar, from December 23 erd to January 5th, and from  April14th to April 25th

Besides this, we follow the Portuguese Bank Holidays.

For more information please check our calendar. :)



“What happens if I can't continue with my Music Room lessons?”

Although farewells are always sad, we encourage our students to explore and experience all opportunities!

To terminate classes at Music Room you must provide us written confirmation with 30 days in advance, our fees and outstanding tuition for your last 30 days will still be due.

If 30 days notice is not given our monthly fees will continue to be due for one more month after the last class attended.

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