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You will get introduced to the electronic world full of new sound possibilities and different music elements.

With the software Garage Band you will learn how to produce your own music and to go from sounds and programming in settings to different types of digital music.

Through creating your own music you will see the difference of digital music and a more traditional approach.




Starting on September 6

Wednesdays 5.15pm


10 - 13


Check out here


Our aim is to let the children explore the electronic world, learning how to use the software Garage band and grasping the concepts required to make their own music.


We will make noise, discover new sounds, combine different elements to come up with your own production.

Classes will include a focus on creating through understanding so we will use examples to show how broad digital music is and what is different and the same from a more traditional approach.

We will learn the core concepts that underpin the softwares used to create music on computers. This will include basic functionality and also how use samples, create drum beats and basics of recording in using Midi and with microphones. 


Each class we will focus on having a project that outlines the objectives of that class and by the end we will be able to see how we go from sounds and programming in settings to different types of digital music.


As well for the more advanced aspects we will learn some basics of setting up standard plugins like compression, reverb and EQ. 


The over arching idea will be to give them the tools to explore and develop ideas on their own regardless of the instruments we play. This extends to being able to work together to highlight the possibilities for creativity on even basic inputs

For this class it is necessary that the student brings the device to work in class, Ipad or computer with the Garage band program already downloaded.

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