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This violin class is based on different techniques such as Music Learning Theory from Edwin Gordon (Guido d'Arezzo/Zoltán Kodály), Suzuki Method, as well as Feldenkrais and Yoga Movements for a better posture. Combining creativity, humour and, last but not least, some discipline for technical development, we will guide beginners and advanced students to a joyful approach to this wonderful instrument.


For Beginners

We’ll explore the different sounds of the violin and learn how to hold the instrument and the bow correctly. We’ll concentrate on common tunes and train our ears by singing and finding the right positions for the fingers on the fret board. Playfully, we acquire all the necessary technical and theoretical basis for the interpretation of simple tunes and reading notes. In small groups, we can also train harmonisation of melodies and accompaniment.

For Advanced Students

We can offer a wide range of styles and techniques, for example‚ Chopping and other bowing patterns for Jazz, melodic and rhythmic phrasing for Latin Music, Klezmer and Folk, and of course the techniques needed for classical repertoire. We can dig deep into music theory, ear training and improvisation. Guide you finding your own style in improvising, arranging or composing depending on your level and aspirations.


The violin classes could be given as a private or a group class.  The group violin classes are both rewarding and fun!


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