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Personal data linked to students in Music Room. On May 25, 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. The GDPR regulates how personal data should be processed.  

What personal information does Music Room process about you?

To participate in Music Room’s music classes and workshops, we need your information such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number and e-mail.  

How is the personal information collected?

You directly provide Music Room with the data, when you register online, complete a survey with you information to enroll in Music Room’s classes or workshops.

For what purposes does Music Room process your personal information? 

We need address information and e-mail in order to communicate with you. The student's date of birth is required to be able to plan the groups as the teaching is age-appropriate. We will process your personal data in accordance with the GDPR rules and we will not use your personal data for any purpose other than the above. 

How long does Music Room save your personal information? 

When you choose to participate in Music Room’s music classes or workshops, we save your personal information until you withdraw your consent or for some other reason request that Music Room delete your information. According to GDPR, you have the right to have your data deleted. For this you send an e-mail to You can also at any time request access to the personal data we have stored about you. Information on invoice recipients is stored according to local accounting regulations.  All other personal data will be deleted at each termination if you have not chosen to re-register for the next semester.   If you have any more questions about how we handle your personal information, please feel free to contact us at

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