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 Making music next to a campfire in good company. Sounds a lot to what you would like to do?


With Guitar or Ukulele you have made the best​ choice:)

The classes will provide you with all the (accompanying)-techniques, posture and sound sensibility you need to  sing your favorite songs while playing along with appropriate chords. 


You will be taught based on your skills. To start, you will learn popular songs to help you get familiar with the instrument and music in general.


This is an experimental course based on the discovery of the universe of the electric guitar.

A part of the learning of the techniques and the main musical genres (such as rock-blues-funk-pop), the student will be introduced to the exploration of electronic sound. 



Through the use of pedals and guitars effects, we will discover the potentiality of the instrument in terms of sounds and sonority, playing with music in a very proper way, exploring the surrounding world through sound.


One of the main goals of this class is to improve the ability to listen and create individually and in group.

Your class can be given at Music Room, at home or online.

After your enrollment, we will contact you to get to know each other and to find the best time-slot four you.

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Any Day at Music Room or at home


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