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Classical Guitar/Ukulele

The guitar classes will provide learning of the techniques, the posture, sound sensibility and accompanying techniques for singing your favorite songs. All classes are planned and performed given the student's skills and level. The class is organized, at the starter point, on the study of popular songs for sympathizing with the instrument and music in general.

Electric Guitar/Effects

This is an experimental course based on the discovery of the universe of the electric guitar.

A part of the learning of the techniques and the main musical genres (such as rock-blues-funk-pop), the student will be introduced to the electric sound research. Through the use of pedals and guitars effects, we will discover the potentiality of the instrument in terms of sounds and sonority, playing with music in a very proper way, pretending to describe the surrounding world with sound. One of the main goal of this course is to improve the ability of listening and creating personally and in group throughout the meaning of sound.

The guitar classes could be given as a private or a group class. The group guitar classes are both rewarding and fun!


Learning an instrument can be challenging, therefore Music Room wants to create a learning process in a playful and inspiring environment based on your level and aspirations.  The guitar classes can be held at Music Room or at home.

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