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Exploring emotions through expressive arts: drawing, writing, painting, music, movement, handicrafts,..


This art therapy workshop uses arts to gently address emotions, through drawing, writing, handicrafts, music, movement, role play,... In a relaxed and safe space, the children are guided to explore and express their feelings through creativity and play. No art skills are required and the children choose their preferred art forms. They are invited to create freely and intuitively, using their spontaneous inspiration more than special techniques. The idea is to exteriorise feelings differently than with spoken words. We use arts as an alternative way to connect with inner emotions, to increase self-awareness and to learn how to regulate feelings, such as anxiety, anger, frustration, fear, sadness,... Through several artistic creations and expressions, the children progressively connect to their personal strengths to foster self-confidence and positive outlooks. 

With who? 

Passionate about arts and psychology, Anne-Claire Hoyaux is a certified art therapist. She trained in France where she worked as an art therapist for caregivers and people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Since 2019, Anne-Claire has been living in Lisbon where she has a private art therapy practice for consultations with people of all ages. She organises regular group workshops for children, adults, families, schools, teams and patients. Anne-Claire uses a variety of art forms such as painting, drawing, writing, movement, music, clay, role play, collage,... She is also a career and life coach, accompanying youth and adults in moments of complex change and transitions. Anne-Claire came to art therapy and coaching after a career as a French diplomat and humanitarian worker. 

The workshop is held in English and French.

Age: 5-10 years old

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