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The stage is yours!

The human body provided us a very instinctive gift; the earliest musical resource - Our voice. 

Our voice can be used in many different ways such as to express ourselves in any musical situations or directly as an instrument.

The voice as an instrument has many tools to be taught, helping us to bring out the best voice in us but also to sing and perform more comfortably in front of any audience.

But what does it really mean to sing?

Once you started singing you don't use only your voice, you will sing with your whole body. Muscles, bones, ears, heart, voice and soul have to work together to touch your environment with your musicality. 


Therefore you will learn how to use your physical posture, in order to improve your singing techniques, vocal range, breathing and the use of the diaphragm.

Your class can be given at Music Room, at home or online

After your enrollment, we will contact you to get to know each other and to find the best time-slot for you.

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    Write us an email to know more about our schedules 


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