What are Fun Days

During holidays and weekends we are hosting musical activities in Music Room which we call Fun Days. These days are all about music, creativity and having fun. Together we enter the wonderful world of music and discover music in different times, angles and perspectives. For each holiday or weekend, we create a new theme and activities for the Fun days.

Come explore, learn and have fun with us!

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February 14, 16,17,18

February 28- March 4


5-9 YO



Prices for the week

1 day 30 eu

2 days 58 eu

3 days 80 eu

4 days 104 eu

5 days 120 eu

   Please note prices do not include IVA(23%)

To reserve your spot please send us an email to hello@musicroomlisboa.com, or a message on Whatsapp to +351 914 081 760