Meet Our Teachers

Kristina Van de Sand

Kristina is a Violin teacher who trained in Music Education and Applied Cultural Sciences in Germany. Her pedagogical concept is modern and holistic, aiming for a joyful approach to the music and her beloved instrument - violin. In her MLO&ME classes, Kristina works with oral traditions from different countries, body percussion and Orff Instruments.

Language of instruction:

Pt - Eng - Span - De. 

Chiara Pellegrini

Coming from a long dynasty of musicians, Chiara Pellegrini has been surrounded by music, musical instruments and dancing ballet for her whole life. Studying firstly Opera Singing and than Modern/jazz, she understood that her real 

musical instrument was the voice. Since then, she has been traveling around the world promoting many originals compositions of her that range between free-jazz, gipsy, funk, ska and luso-afro-latin music.

Language of instruction:

Pt - Eng -It- Span. 

Elena La Conte

Elena de La Conte is specialized in Latin music like choro brasiliero. She also expresses herself in jazz, folk, blues and free improvisation.  Originally coming from Italy, Elena has created music connections from France to Brazil. Elena has been music teacher since 2011, trained in ethnomusicology and pedagogy of Music in Paris 11 Orsay.  Her MLO&Me classes present alternative methods like Dalcroze and Feldenkrais.

Language of instruction:

Pt - Eng - Fr - It. 



Andrea Musio

Andrea is a guitar virtuoso who found his passion in ethnomusicology. At Music Room, Andrea will help you to discover your own way to connect with a guitar (classical or electric one) and with a ukulele. His method is based on teaching skills and theory through integrating original ideas of music creation.

Language of instruction:

Pt - Eng - It. 

Diana Namorado

Diana Namorado is a piano teacher. She is a Bachelor’s graduate of The Lusíada University in Lisbon and is a great follower of visual arts and psychology. Diana is an experienced and considerate tutor having taught individual and group lessons for the past 9 years.

Language of instruction:

Pt - Eng - Span.

Katsiaryna Drozhzha

Katerina is a Yoga Kids instructor, certified by Sunshine Yoga Kids in Lisbon. She believes that every child, that one day will become an adult of tomorrow, has a natural wisdom to turn the world into a beautiful place. Her mission is to enhance this wisdom through the magic of Yoga and alternative pedagogical methods. 

Language of instruction:

Pt - Eng - Fr






Monday-Friday 9:30am-8:00pm

Saturday-Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm




Rua da Arrábida 55A, Lisbon, Portugal

Tel: 914 081 760

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