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It all started with the recording of a laugh on a CD, "the most evil laugh you can do in the world!" - said the father and music producer Fernando Caneca to his 6-year-old son, who would come running home from school every day towards the family studio. Felipe Caneca, the boy who never took his feet off the studio, became a popular music composer, pianist and accordionist, and has been teaching classes for students of various ages for 5 years, seeking to pass on the same experience of self-discovery and fun that was the development of musical learning throughout his life. He had particular lessons with great brazilian musicians such as Maria Teresa Madeira and Marcelo Caldi, and approaches this year the conclusion of his first graduation in Jazz and Modern Music, at the Lisbon Lusíada University.  ​ Language of instruction: Pt - Eng




I’m a pianist and song-writer from Lisbon, currently finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Music at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. I have a varied experience in teaching, having taught children, adults, seniors, people with special needs and more advanced students. I believe that music is a powerful healing tool and that it can change one’s approach to life as a whole. It’s also a beautiful way to connect with others and to have fun with our innate ability of engaging in the process of creation. ​ Language of instruction: Pt - Eng




I am from Oxford where my mother introduced me to music from a young age as she continued her career as an opera singer. I went down a less classical route and started by playing guitar, bass and the piano. Jazz piano was everything I wanted to do as a teenager and regularly performed in my local area. Since then I have been part of Musical theatre groups, bands and worked with many individuals in a variety of different styles. It highlighted how universal and accessible music can be and I got a chance to explore this further during my Music degree at Goldsmiths University, London. I have been teaching for 3 years in subjects from beginner piano to jazz, music theory and composition. My focus has always been on creating engaging lessons and helping students explore their  interest in music. ​ Language of instruction:  Eng


Piano & Trumpet

Music can manage emotions, develop cognitive knowledge and activate different memories. I ́m an experienced musicien and music teacher, passionate about music. I have a Degree in Music Jazz Performance (University of Évora, 2012), graduated in Analysis, Harmony, piano and trumpet (Conservatoires de Clermont-Ferrand and Vichy) and I have more than 25 years of Teaching Experience in different conservatoires and Music Schools in France and Portugal. ​ Language of instruction: Fr - Pt - Eng




I studied Jazz guitar at Hot Clube Portugal and Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. During that time I also started to dedicate myself to teaching, either in a beginner or advanced level. It is important to try to transmit and stimulate the taste for music (listening, singing, playing), because besides developing several important skills for any human being such as motor coordination, memory and concentration and in some cases will also benefit from the necessary discipline to learn an instrument. Language of instruction: Pt - Eng

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I am a musician with a Bachelor degree in Live Sound Production from the University of West London and songwriter, performer and producer in the band 'Red Bean Rice'.      I believe that music gives you the tools to express yourself in ways that words don't, and this is what motivates me to pass my musical knowledge on.         I started teaching guitar three years ago, and I aspire to be as inspiring to my students as my guitar teacher was for me when I first started playing. I've always loved music, always sang and wanted to be able to play guitar in order to sing along to my favorite songs, and doing this became my passion.        Now is my turn to share that passion with you, and help you discover the wonders of the music world.  ​ Language of instruction: Pt - Eng



Guitar & Vocal

I play guitar, sing and write songs since I was 11. Music is my beautiful friend, that is always with me.  I studied classical, pop and rock music in Tchaikovsky Almaty Music College. Jazz I studied in Hot Club of Lisbon. I worked as a guitar teacher in Almaty Jazz School, also was doing arrangements for musical bands. Music is my true passion. That’s why I enjoy sharing my knowledge with students and to see them grow as a performers and as an artists.  ​ Language of instruction: Pt - Eng




I’m a Colombian classical and jazz singer who has been always in love with both genres. I got my jazz singing college’s degree in Venezuela and just a year ago my Master’s degree in Classical singing interpretation in ESMUC in Barcelona, Spain.  For me singing is about passion, about transforming words and music into real feelings, singing is about getting to know your mind and body in a very high level in order to express all that you have to say and give to the world.  Soon I discovered that I would also fall in love with teaching which I’ve been doing for almost 10 years. What I love the most as a voice teacher is to be able to help those who loves to sing to find their own and unique voices through the right technique; I really find the teaching/learning process, amazing. The moment when my students start singing without effort and when the finally find and discover their own voices…that is such a treasure moment for both of us! ​ Language of instruction:  Eng - Es




I started studying drums at JB Jazz and later on I finished a Bachelor Degree in Jazz Music at Universidade de Évora. Studying music not only helped me develop skills such as coordination, memory and concentration, but also helped me grow as a human being. It made me more curious about music and life and helped me understand others better. What brings me joy in teaching is to guide and inspire the students so that they can grow musically and as a person. Always having fun in the process! ​ Language of instruction: Pt - Eng



 Introduction to Music

With over 10 years experience, I am a UK vocal coach and coach singers of all levels from all walks of life. Although my training is primarily classical, I am passionate about coaching both classical and contemporary styles. I have a BA in Music (BMus) with First Study Voice from TU Dublin Conservatoire (Ireland) and a BA in Performance Studies from Northampton University (UK). I have completed the Kodály Certificate Foundation Level course with the British Kodály Academy and am a certified Neuro Vocal for Popular Styles coach. Regardless of a student's age, ability, musical background or gender, my goal is to provide enjoyable, student-centered singing lessons using the most up-to-date techniques, thereby instilling confidence and helping singers achieve their vocal goals.

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