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 More than 4 classes missed either for health or personal reasons can not be recovered. That doesn´t mean you will lose them; in that case we have an exclusive alternative to offer.

Learning and understanding Music in all the shapes it has does not come out only face-to-face but also in playing with and among others. Listening, your own confidence, creativity and so much more will be activly more encouraged in a group. 

That is why we want to offer you the opportunity to "recover" your missed classes (only if more than 4) with jumping in one of our group classes which you can find below.

When you'll be able to use this group classes? ex. you have a holiday in your School, but we don't have same holiday at MR, or your class falls on a bank holiday.

(note that December invoice will be adjusted to the amount of classes you'll have that month.)

In order to be able to join the class you´re interested in, check out and apply to our group classes  here  and let us know for which class you´ll using the group offer by applying for the class. 

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