Get to know on the clarinet  different timbers of music such as dark, soft but also bright. 

Discover how many different styles of music you can join with the instrument.

You are sensitive but also a little crazy?

A bit shy but also super loud? 

The clarinet is your perfect match!

Heart touching melodies, fast rhythm notes, loud and shrill sounds with a soft sonority. 

Learn the clarinet and see how personality connects with the music and instrument.

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"the beauty of the clarinet lies in its sweet sound; this is its essence..."

the development of the clarinet dates back to the ancient time 

 a direct ancestor of the clarinet is the "Chalumeau" (=simple shepherd instrument)

the actual development of the today's clarinet starts around 1700 

she is so firmly integrated into many national musical styles that it is considered as an ancient native instrument there

cause of it's loud and clear sound in the middle and high register it was first called "clarinetto" which means little trumpet. Later it evolved into the final name clarinet

This made the clarinet an instrument closing the gap that still existed between woodwinds and brass in the orchestra