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Oficina de expressão visual a partir da música e vice-versa

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Can sounds be cold or hot, blue or red, thin or fat?

What will the sound of the wind look like?

How do you draw the sound coming from the piano?

What about the shuffling sound of many things happening at once?

How do you draw rhythm, time, order and chaos?

Can music be translated into images that go beyond musical scores as we know them?


These and many other questions will be explored in this synesthetic and creative workshop based on the book CANTAROLER, where drawing and music go hand in hand, talking and crossing paths. Together we will create sounds that can be drawn and drawings that can be sung.


CANTAROLER is a musical book to be hummed together by two, three or more children, parents or educators. In the book, sound, text and image blend together to form a musical notation system of their own, combining scat singing and onomatopoeia of musical instruments to create a visual narrative that will guide readers through the use of colors, shapes, rhythms and compositions. CANTAROLER is a book to be not only read but also rehearsed and performed several times, and throughout this experience the reader will be invited to invent and improvise just as jazz musicians do.


With whom? 

Carlo Giovani is a graphic designer, illustrator, visual artist and book author. He has constantly researched different techniques and styles, combining them in search of unusual and creative illustrations, mostly on paper. This material has a central place in the artist's style. His work can be seen in various media, such as books, advertisements, magazines, stage sets, packaging, games, shop windows, promotional gifts, among others.



Saturday June 15 

 10 am - 12 pm 

Price: 30€

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