Thursdays 19.30 led by Chiara Pellegrini

Session 90 min 

It begins September 17

Chiara tells us:

The concept of choir is something really beautiful and important, it has the capacity to bring people close to music and to the concept of community at the same time. 

By the only act of singing together, it is possible to learn how to express our selves and how to keep the attention by listening to others, dealing with more sounds that come from different directions and different people (timbres). 


Singing is already something truly precious and very efficient in the research of our emotions, the connection with our body and the expression of our selves through the voice. 

That’s why, in this class, we will start with some exercises of vocal technique, including some stretching to prepare our body to make space for the air and to relax the muscles.


 We will learn what a Diaphragm and how to use it; we will investigate each ones vocal ranges to be able to take a specific vocal role in the group  and to have as much fun as possible with the sounds that each other can reproduce by singing...basically, we will became a choir!


It will be important to learn some basics about the written music as the value of the notes and pauses and we will also investigate simple rhythms by using some simple movements and dances: this will give us the possibility to learn how to follow the rhythm and sing at the same time!


The best part to all of this, is the repertoire that we will chose, made with different styles of music such as pop, simple jazz standards and some beautiful songs from the world music repertoire, to be able to sing in various languages and achieve as much variety as possible.


One of the most important factors of singing in a choir is surely the Harmony.

That’s why during these 10 lessons together, I will teach you how to keep a note (or more notes) while others will be singing a different one (or more), to create the magical sound that comes from the act of melting sounds.


 If you love singing and you are interested in all of this, if you wanna get to know your voice and new people.... Sign up and let’s get singing together! 


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