Video Classes

Our teachers are ready  to continue or start their classes through video. This new format  allow us to continue with our classes and the advantage is that we can be more flexible in when the lessons can be held.

The video classes are supported by extra material sent by email,  for example, exercises and videos in some cases, to develop each student skills in the most suitable way for each specific individual.


We offer instrument and vocal video classes in:









4 x classes 88 euros

10 x classes 198 euros


Trial/30 min

10 euros


Music theory for adults

Group classes max. 5 people

Level A - Beginner

This is a course specially designed for all students wanting to learn from the really beginning. Maybe you already play an instrument for years without reading sheet music, or you have some sheet reading experience but no clue what it is all about major and minor, and all those modes and chords they are talking about in jazz. Therefore, we will focus on learning the fundamental basics to understand the language of (diatonic) music: key signatures, intervals, scales, chords, harmony, melody, and rhythm. To achieve this knowledge in a ludic way, we will use different approaches that include simple practical exercises on your instrument, music notation tools, ear training and first improvisation games.

Dates level A
April 21
May 5-19
June 2-16-30

Level B - Intermediate, Intro to Jazz Improvisation 

This is a course designed for those with basic knowledge of sheet reading and music theory, featuring entry level improvisation techniques. We will be training modes in different tonalities and analyse chord structures and cadences in simple Jazz Standards. We will work on different concepts of Jazz improvisation, for example melodic embellishment, guide tone lines, chromatic approach, melodic motives, rhythmical patterns etc. There will be a lot of ear training and some homework involved, focussing on the practical application of these tools through playing with playalongs.

Dates Level B
April 14-28
May 12-26
June 9-23


40 euros for 2 dates

1 hour/class

Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to try a video class with us!


Monday-Friday 9:30am-8:00pm

Saturday-Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm




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