During holidays and weekends we are hosting musical activities in Music Room which we call Fun Days. These days are all about music, creativity and having fun. Together we enter the wonderful world of music and discover music from different angles, times and perspectives. For each holiday or weekend, we create a new theme and activities for the Fun Days.

Come explore, learn and have fun with us!

This holiday we are going to learn to play an instrument: 

The Ukulele

The Ukulele is a member of the lute family of instruments of Portuguese origin :) and popularised in Hawaii. It generally employs four nylon strings.

The ukulele is an incredibly social instrument, can be played by anyone, younger or older, musician or non-musician. Its happy, joyful tone makes it delightful to play and it is accessible to everyone.

 Let's have fun this summer and let's play some songs together!!

Intensivo musical

New dates coming soon..

6-9 YO



Price for the week

 €120 eu

   Please note prices do not include IVA(23%)



Rhythm with right hand
Position and posture
Explore the sounds with nails and fingers

Snack time :)

Games with question and answer

Matemagic Land (short movie about the beginning of music &times)
String experiment



Number of fingers

C (red) and A (purple) chords

Play, conduct with colours

Rhythm using thumbs and indicators (up and down movement)


Read, sing and play songs

History of ukulele

 Appreciation - listening to famous songs for ukulele

Ukulele parts

Snack time :)

 Dance, sing and play

 Ukulele parts - draw and write the names

 Rhythm with quarter and eighth note

Play, listen, read and write



G (green) and D (orange) chords

Jumps between C and G, C and A, C and D ...

 Memory game

 Game ''I’m going to a picnic!'' (with chords)

Game ''Crazy telefone'' (number of fingers)

Play songs

Snack time :)

 Counting (compass)

Create; rhythm read and play

Crafts: Make your own ukulele with recyclable materials



 Play songs while singing


Composing a song together

Snack time :)

Crafts & Musical bingo

Continuous ukulele


 Practice songs

Final performance

Snack time :)

World search with parts of ukulele

Memory game musical instrument

 Explore, listen and watch other string instruments

 Guessing game - timbre (listen and recognize the


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