Monday-Friday 9:30am-8:00pm

Saturday-Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm




Rua da Arrábida 55A, Lisbon, Portugal

Tel: 914 081 760

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This is a musical exploration class. We explore through singing, moving, listening and trying different instruments. We introduce the kids to discover different basic musical ideas (such as same/different, loud/soft, fast/slow, high/low) and let them have their first meeting with music instruments in a playful and inspiring way. This class is also a way for children to discover their favorite instrument that they later on could start tacking classes in.  Introduction to music is a group class for the age 4 - 6 years and it is given by different teachers. Come and let your kids explore the world of music!

Weekly schedule

Tuesdays at 4.15pm, in Portuguese and English

Tuesdays at 5pm, in Portuguese and English



4 x group classes 80 €

45 min/class