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During the learning process of playing flute, you will explore the basics of music theory but also interpretation, creation and improvisation. As in any oral language, you will imitate and learn orally. In a second phase, you will learn how to write notes and reading the sheets through playful and progressive learning methods. 

Different parts of a class may include

Breathing / blowing, tuning, ear training, rhythm, scales, discovering new genres of music and different kind of flutes, oral learning of a song, notation.

You will study the flute with the Suzuki Methods. This is a method encouraging to learn through imitation and the progressive support of the parent. First step is to learn the basics without notation simply by singing and playing by ear. 

Improvement classes

We will work on the technique of the flute: scales, cycle of fourth and fifth, arpeggios, articulation, sonority. We will deepen ear training and theoretical understanding. We're going to study a new repertoire of music chosen by the student: rock, jazz, latin, folk…

The flute classes could be given private or like a group class. The group flute classes are both rewarding and fun!

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