Music Room at your Events

A musical moment at any occasion!

Are you planning for special day and would like to do something extra for the little ones? We propose to bring our fun, creative and multilingual activities and workshops to your event and share the wonderful world of music with you! 


At any occasion?

Yes! Why not? There are no limits of when it is suitable for a moment of music and fun!


  • If you are hosting a birthday party for your child and would like to have a fun musical activity for the kids.

  • You are planning a playdate for your little ones at home with your friends and want to share a musical moment together with them.

  • You have a little store and want to give the little extra to your customers, plan a musical moment with us at you place. 

  • You are planning your wedding or baptism and want to give a special musical moment for the children in your celebration.

We help you make your special day even more special.  Let’s spread the music!

We will be happy to hear from you!