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Craft Kids by Gemma

Craft kids is an art focused course created to explore a large variety of manual art activities. This promotes children's development in how to interact with the world around them, learning to make decisions, enabling them to dream up their own ideas, developing fine motor skills and free creative expression. This fosters their uniqueness, and creativity while also building confidence.

The art projects are based on the children's interests and new concepts and are often given weight by the use of storytelling, references and music. This offers a rich and global experience they can take with them into adulthood. Group and independent projects are a natural part of the art making processes we will cover during the term. 



Who is Gemma


Gemma studied performing arts, textiles and design as a teen and moved into design and fine arts as a young adult. 

She dreamed of living in France and it was there Gemma was able to share her love of art with children in a new career in early childhood. 

Since then everything she does has captivated young children. 

Her passion for teaching has given her the tools to create her own path as an art teacher in Lisbon. 

Her methodology encompasses over 6 years teaching experience in international and bilingual schools and includes Montessori pedagogy which she practiced for 2 years. 

Her approach is unique and in alignment with children's needs and curiosity.

Gemma has a way of bringing projects to life, sharing her passion with children and providing a strong foundation of creative learning.

Dates in October



Age 9-13


20 eu

Send us an email if you would like to reserve your spot!

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